Battle (Dictionary): A general encounter between armies, ships of war, or aircraft; a combat between two persons; to engage in a fight or struggle; to

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Bearing Fruit

Fruit (Dictionary): A product of plant growth (such as grain, vegetables, or cotton); the effect or consequence of an action or operation: product result the fruits of our labor the fruits of

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Panning for Gold

Golden (Dictionary): Of a high degree of excellence; lustrous, shining; being or having the color gold or the color of gold. Golden (Bible): Golden; a

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What Shall We Do?

Decision (Dictionary): Promptness and firmness in deciding; a determination arrived at after consideration. Decision (Bible): Judging, divine judgment; opinion, counsel, judgment, intention, decree.  John the Baptist

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It’s About Doubt

Doubt (Dictionary): To call into question the truth of; to be uncertain or in doubt about; to lack confidence in; to consider unlikely. Doubt (Bible):  Waver; doubt; hesitate;

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Windy Days

Wind (Dictionary): A natural movement of air of any velocity; especially:  the earth’s air or the gas surrounding a planet in natural motion horizontally; an artificially

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He is Raised Indeed!

Hallelujah (Dictionary): Used to express praise; joy; or thanks; a shout or song of praise or thanksgiving; a shout or song of praise or thanks

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The Great Gate

Gate (Dictionary): An opening in a wall or fence; a city or castle entrance often with defensive structures (as towers); the frame or door that

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Guard the Treasure

Guard (Dictionary): One assigned to protect or oversee another: such as a person or a body of persons on sentinel duty; to protect from danger

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Gone Fishing

Signs (Dictionary): A mark having a conventional meaning and used in place of words or to represent a complex notion; one of the 12 divisions

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