Harvest is community of young adults ready to engage life. We meet every Wednesday night in the Crossroads Foyer beginning at 7:30pm. There is a time of worship followed by a brief teaching and small group discussion.

Recognizing the complacency in our culture, there is a need for a setting in which we can come together and understand the vision of the Church displayed in Acts. We are here to create an environment where young adults come together to fellowship and remind one another that the life of a disciple does not have to be lonely, even today. Reasoning through the Word with each other can yield more wisdom than we can alone. We were not created to be alone, but to be among our brothers and sisters to serve, encourage, hold accountable, teach, achieve and lead; not for our own purpose or glory but for that of the King.

Our Mission

To seek the King wholeheartedly, preparing one another to know what we believe before going into the world by encouraging our peers to leave their place of comfort and develop the talent endowed to each of us by our Creator.


We encourage young adults, that have a heart to go, to serve in the mission field, both locally and overseas. We have gone to places abroad like Mexico, India and Israel as well as places closer to home, like the Rural Outreach Center (ROC) in Wales, NY.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about Harvest, feel free to contact:

Kara Otto @ (716) 222-0225
Ben Franklin @ (716) 495-6251
Emily Adams @ (716) 579-4806