Unity (Dictionary): The fact quality or condition of being one; oneness; singleness; a union of parts forming a complex whole. Unity (Bible): Unitedness; one; oneness;

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Knowledge (Dictionary): What one knows; all that is known or can be learned; clear and certain mental perception. Knowledge (Bible): Knowledge; recognition; true knowledge; understanding way. Partaker (Dictionary):

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Implanted (Dictionary): To fix or set securely or deeply, to set permanently in the consciousness or habit patterns, inculcate (to teach and impress by frequent

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Will the Witness Please Take the Stand

From January 24, 2010: Sovereignty (Dictionary):  Supreme power or authority, supremacy. Sovereignty (Bible): Royalty, reign, dominion. Witness (Bible): A witness (Hebrew-Ed), repeat, do again-root word-firm

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It’s the 40’s-Oh No!

A brother in Christ suggested having a period of time for “refreshing” by reviewing some of the older 7 Minute sermons. I have been writing these

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Tongue Weight

Weight (Dictionary): Something heavy, load a heavy object to hold or press something down or to counterbalance, pressure the weight of their responsibilities. Weight (Bible):

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What You Need

Need: (Dictionary): To be in want of; ought to have; be unable to do without; want; require. Need (Bible): That which is lacking; need; be

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