When A Young Boy Offers All He Has

Yesterday 900 people were here for the Celebration of Life service for Zach Matla. Pastor Bill summarized it like this: “Jesus fed 5,000 people with the lunch that a young boy brought with him. Zach was a young boy who brought love to give to everyone. Jesus multiplied it and fed 5,000.” It’s true! Over 5,000 were fed on Wednesday. There were 900 at the service, 357 watching on live-stream, 3,500 viewed it on our website, and Channel 4 News showed 3 different clips from the service. That’s over 5,000! Only God could use a little boy and perform such a miracle!

I was personally humbled by the excellence of Crossroads volunteers. Tom Reid and his teams, like Skip Franklin, the Tech Team and Joe Raimonde’s team who parked hundreds of cars, our ushers and greeters who moved hundreds of chairs and made people feel comfortable, did the impossible. And Janice who continually printed more programs.

The funeral director from Hoy Funeral Home said, “In my 29 years I have never seen a larger service except one for a fallen police officer. Your church was excellent.”

How can you measure what God is capable of doing when a little boy shows up with his offering?

Only time will tell…

Love to all,

Pastor Pat

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