Management Board

Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

Pictured: Back Row (left to right) – John Nagel, Keith Buck, Pastor Pat Kleitz, Jeff Dickhut, Tim Mertzlufft; Front Row (left to right) – Mark Lorenzo, Lisa Zannin, Tom Reid; Not Pictured – Norm Sigrist

In addition to an advisory board to the ministry staff, the Crossroads Management Board also oversees the following areas within the parameters established by the Crossroads Procedural Manual: general marketing of church life, development of land usage and facilities, finance and budgets, human resources and administration of governing documents.

Crossroads Management Board


Keith Buck

Business Controls Manager, M&T Bank


Jeff Dickhut

Supply Chain Manager, Rich Products Corp.


Pat Kleitz

Senior Pastor, Crossroads

Mark Lorenzo

Lead Shop Welder, Xylem Heat Transfer


Tim Mertzlufft

Architect, Gordon Jones Associates

Finance, Human Resources

Lisa Zannin

Financial Administrator, Crossroads

To provide an environment where each individual can reach their fullest potential in Christ through discipleship, experience, and service.

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